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Seismic Resilient City

The project first contextualized the concept of urban disaster resilience into the context of earthquake hazards and then operationalized it to discover the latent context-specific components that are associated with the concept using a hybrid PCA-ANP approach. The 368 urban neighborhoods (in the 22 urban districts and 116 sub-districts) of the Tehran (Iran) were utilized as the case study and validation tool for the developed framework. Visualization of the results represented a clear understanding of the variation of resilience level on the three different urban scales and served to shift from a merely conceptual understanding of disaster resilience to an empirical practice of where the city started and where it is going.

Laufzeit: 3/2013- 2/2016

Ansprechpartner: Dr.-Ing. Asad Asadzadeh

Seismic Resilient City.JPG 

Erbebengefärdung in Teheran